Shawn Kelly, Roddy Pick and Chad Bishop of Greenbrier Farms met during Pastured Poultry Week in Charleston. The friendship was further fostered through a mutual, longtime passion for and belief that eating locally should not be occasional, but a part of daily life. Hense the inspiration for Fork and Plough.

Here we celebrate the importance of bringing the community closer to its local farms by making its food accessible to its residents and visitors. We’re raising the bar with delicious ingredients and a passion for our community.

Fork & Plough is a neighborhood spot. A place where you and your family can drop in on any night of the week and dine on high-quality seasonal eats. We serve lunch and dinner throughout the week, as well as weekend brunch.



If you ask Shawn Kelly what he loves most about being a chef, you’re likely to get two answers. First, he’ll tell you it’s about the opportunity to create unique and memorable dishes using the finest local ingredients. And with the same level of importance, he’ll add that it’s also about the amazing people he gets to work with and cook for each day.

Trained by iconic Charleston Chef Frank Lee, Shawn’s path to cooking began at Slightly North of Broad (SNOB). Throughout his time at SNOB, Chef Kelly learned the value of working closely and collaborating with local growers, fish mongers and suppliers to select the finest ingredients for his dishes. In 2014, Shawn was hired as executive chef of Charleston’s High Cotton restaurant.

Shawn is now pursuing his dream, offering farm-to-table fare to locals with Fork & Plough, Greenville’s new all-in-one restaurant, grocery store and butcher shop.